Pork Tacos

Home made taco shell. Thank God I've made it. ^_^ 

Ground Pork
Black Ground Pepper

*You will be needing more eggs and flour to make several taco shells. Depende sa gagawin niyo. Kayo na mag-estimate. :D

Taco Shell (Soft)
1.    Combine egg, butter and flour. Beat until smooth.
2.    Bring non stick pan into medium heat.
3.    Spoon 4 tablespoon of batter and spread it out into pan on your desired thickness/width.
4.    Turnover on other side.
5.    Fold shells in half.
6.    Set aside

7.    You can deep fry the shells if you want it crunchy. (Optional)

Ground Pork

1.    Heat oil in a pan.
2.    Saute minced garlic.
3.    Add ground pork. Cook until brown.
4.    Add salt and pepper to taste.
5.    Set aside. Let it cool.

Filling the tacos
1.    Spread mayonnaise in taco shell.
2.    Put cooked ground pork.
3.    Add diced tomatoes, cabbage strips and cheese.

Cooking the shell in a pan..
1st time ko lang sorry guys hindi perfect ang shape. :D

Folded in half..


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