Ampalaya Roll

Lumpia veggie version. Para sa mga batang hindi kumakain ng ampalaya, try this daddies & mommies, your kids might love this lumpiang ampalaya.

lumpia wrapper

1. Slice the ampalaya into lengthwise. (Note:  improperly prepared ampalaya can become too bitter, so right after slicing, wash it at least twice, then immerse in clean water, add salt and set aside.)
2. Boil ampalaya. Do not stir, so the dish wont taste bitter. Add a dash of salt or magic sarap to taste. Then add tuna.
3. Scramble the eggs. Add a pinch of salt. Fry in a pan. Let it cool then slice into lengthwise. 
4. Slice cheese into thin.
5. Prepare lumpia wrapper. 
6. Roll up slice of ampalaya with tuna, slice of egg and cheese into the wrapper.
7. Once completed wrapping up all ampalaya mixed, deep fry until golden brown.

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