Special Homemade Pastillas

It's Christmas season again so here comes - special homemade pastillas. 

Decades ago when this business started. It was manage by my Lola (Mommy's mom). It started in 4 flavors: langka, cheese, ube and coffee. Best seller are langka and cheese. But actually lahat masarap eh :)

I am not sure how old lola was when she started this business. I guess she's 50 years old (4 decades ago). She prepared the candies by herself. She's also the one who delivers bulk orders of pastillas to her clients, like employees of Malacanang Palace, AFP/Camp Aguinaldo, banks, and many more. 

As she grew old, she was assisted by my Aunt. When lola died, my mom and aunt takes over it. During Christmas season lang talaga gumagawa nito, pero minsan my mga nag-oorder din during valentines day, wedding, and some other occassions. Madalas gawing company giveaways, gifts and pasalubong. :)

When my mom handled this pastillas business, she added new flavors, which is nagclick din sa panlasa ng masa. :) Dayap and peanut are the newest flavor. The hardest to prepare is the ube flavor. They do not use artificial flavours and not flour to substitute milk. 

There's also a very nice packaging. When Christmas, my mom use Christmas prints for boxes. But we can style it the way you want it.

You might tell that it is expensive, but preparing it up to the packaging is not easy. Full effort, natural ingredients are the secret behind this sweet candy. 

There's one thing that made me sad, they we're not able to capture pictures from the past to also served as testimonials na best-seller and masarap talaga ang pastillas. ;-) Gusto ko maipamana ito sa mga susunod pa namin generation, so I want to do something. We're planning to have it registered. Lalo na matagal ng family business ito, we want to be the trademark of these special candy. :)

Nakalipas man ang mahigit 2 dekada, nagsalin-salin na ang gumawa, pero ang masarap at kakaibang lasa, hindi pa din nawawala. 

Really proud to be a Kapampangan. I and my family are blessed and thankful for the talent, God's unique gift. :-)

Available in 25pcs, 50pcs and 100pcs. 
Flavors: Coffee, cheese, langka, dayap, peanut, ube

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